For Employers

  • —Power Horizon International Resources, Inc. has a good standing membership in different recruitment associations and has kept a clean record at the POEA, NLRC, and all government agencies concerned. Thus, possesses no legal impediment.
  • —PHIRI is government regulations–compliant; we respect the law and always obey the law. Our partners are assured that their workers deployed by us pass thru the legal processes.
  • —PHIRI capitalization is more than doubled the required amount of POEA.
  • —PHIRI can deploy manpower requirement within 45 days from Job Order approval and/or worker selection. We over-perform on occasions and deploy in less than 45 days.
  • —PHIRI serves to provide OFW’s with good job opportunities with a safe, comfortable and financially stable environment.
  • —PHIRI distincts itself as a dedicated company that has high regards on post deployment service. We continuously monitor and counsel our workers abroad, conduct visits, check worksite environment as a response to corporate social responsibility.
  • —With genuine hospitality of Power Horizon staff, we treat our clients and applicants warmly.
  • —PHIRI is located within the Makati Central Business District (Makati CBD), 15 minutes away from NAIA 1-2-3 airports, and is accessible to 5-star hotels.
  • —PHIRI upholds integrity and honesty. We are truthful to our partners, shareholders, employees, workers, and the public alike. POWER HORIZON cares!