About Us

Zosimo E. Gamba

  • Manages overall business decision making process in accordance with company’s Mission Vision & Commitment.
  • Represents the company in associations  meetings to ensure  new strategies in the industry that are to be implemented.
  • Reports company performance to the Board of Directors.


Luz Z. Gamba

Business Development Manager
  • Provides innovation and market intelligence on current recruitment industry processes.
  • Creates business strategies  to cope with current trends  and standards.
  • Ensures continuous compliance with modified government regulations.


Michael Reysal C. Cuevas

Marketing and Operations Manager
  • Liaising with potential clients and maintenance of current roster of clients.  Provides necessary documentary requirements needed for Embassy Accreditation.
  • Manages Pooling, Interview, Recruitment, Deployment of neophyte accounts.
  • Handles day to day operations of  recruitment office.
  • Leads the Administrative and Documentation  Teams in providing efficient support to the organization.
  • Hands-on supervision on  Liaising, Documentation, Coordination and Sourcing of qualified workers .


Joy D. Delfino

Marketing Manager
  • Liaising with potential clients on manpower sourcing.
  • Brief clients on documentation process in Philippine Embassy in receiving country and Philippine side.
  • Provides necessary requirements for accreditation of possible employers.
  • Coordinate with Liaison officer on status, approval and addendum for POEA accreditation.


Rizalina S. Carinan

Administrative Executive
  • Checks and provides necessary documentation on all government entities for legal and timely deployment of worker.